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Explore our range and choose the solution that suits you best. Can’t make up your mind? No problem – we’ll take care of everything!

What makes us unique?

Personalising your offer

Each customer is unique and, therefore, so are their needs. At SKN, we make sure that our offer is properly tailored and cost-optimised for your business.



We have been involved in pallet production for years. We know most of the challenges in our industry inside out – we know why they arise and how to solve them. For this reason, we are confident that we will find the right solution for you and your company.


By cooperating with us, you entrust us with the important logistical part of your business. We are sure, however, that we will rise to the challenge, guaranteeing the timeliness and quality of our products.

About us

At  SKN, we understand the importance of personalizing our offer to meet your needs, which is why we approach each client individually.

As a pallet manufacturer, we prioritize sustainable development, guided by business ethicsbecause we believe that a satisfied employee means a satisfied customer and and high-quality pallets!

Our team

Employees are a huge part of our success, so their safety and comfort is incredibly high on our agenda. Our belief is that this approach reflects in the high quality of our products.

Currently, most of our team are Ukrainians who, despite the tough circumstances, sparkle with positive energy every day and approach their duties in a very professional manner.

How we process orders?

We are always willing to lend our expertise, so you do not have to worry about a single detail – we will handle everything. Together, let’s build a smooth flow of goods, making the day-to-day running of your business simpler!

That's it! Very simple, isn't it?

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